The ILUMYA™ results

It’s easy to see the results patients are having with ILUMYA™.
Clearly, every picture tells a unique story.

Baseline: 0 Doses
12 Weeks: 2 Doses
28 Weeks: 3 Doses
Baseline: 0 Doses
28 Weeks: 3 Doses
28 Weeks: 3 Doses

Lasting results with fewer doses

ILUMYA™ can give you clearer skin that continues to clear over time—delivering results that get you clear of your plaques, redness, and flakes.

Clearer after only 2 doses
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6 out of 10 people were clear or almost clear after 2 initial doses of ILUMYA™ (at 12 weeks).
7 Months
7 out of 10 people had much clearer skin after 7 months of treatment (after 3 doses).
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1 year
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8 out of 10 people who had 75% clearer skin with ILUMYA™ at 7 months were still clearer after 1 year of treatment.
Clearer skin beyond tomorrow
9 out of 10 people who had much clearer skin after 1 year still had clearer skin after 3 years of treatment.
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